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Abstract Realism is a series of fall leaves painted in meticulous
detail, floating on and submerged in moving water. The surface
of a stream is alive with reflections of trees and sky, mixing together heaven and earth, light and shadow, action and stillness.
"Trompe l'Oeil" painting is a representation of objects shown in their actual size, and also an arrangement of line, shape and color. Mostly older work,this is a sampling from four different series displayed on different pages: Inventory; Crayons; Cut-Outs; and Boxes, Plus.
In the Segovia Series, I designed with a computer and painted with a stencil, exploring color and composing with a repeated but varied motif. The original motif was found in Spain. I wanted to transform it into an all-over pattern and imbue it with a transcendant spirit.
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