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The geometric patterns, surfaces and timelessness of 16th century tiles I saw in Italy inspired me to work with Geometric Abstraction. Using collage, I found endless possibilities for color combinations and visual textures, and a new appreciation for geometric elements.
It turns out that triangles, and Stars and Diamonds make wonderful building blocks. Continuing to asssemble with collage, but also painting, I varied the scale of these basic elements to create colorful six-pointed stars and more complex compositions.
In Composites, I have combined multiple canvases and a variety of techniques. It has been natural over the years to rework, recycle, and connect different elements from different series. In doing this, a new energy emerges and relationships continue to surprise and overlap.
For Collage, I have selected examples of abstraction, utilizing mostly acrylic-painted papers and mat board, mounted on wood panels. Added pages present mixed-media work with vermiculite, a heavily-textured, colorful direction.
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